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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Family Portrait... A Tutorial

made by M at 2.8 years of age :) want one too??? here is a simple how to....
Step one
Grab your Materials ...
1. paper (hundreds of them, new, used, recycled)
2. pencil/crayons or markers or anything to draw with
3. Child yours or anyone Else's (that's the prime ingredient)
4. love (note the more the better)
5. praise (at least a ton)
6. Attention 2Tbsp ( don't overdo it)
Step two.
put all the ingredients together and just let them simmer in your love.
Its done when your prime Material says its done

Please Avoid.
1. Criticism
2.Taking over and telling them what to do
3.Telling them what not to do
4.Pushing and demanding for results (color "IN" the lines)
5.Labeling the end product ( if the child says its you it IS you, not a dinosaur not an elephant but only you)

Do link to me when you post your results !!! happy drawing

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