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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Story Blocks

This post is for those who are making or thinking of making cute ,easy, and quick gifts for their Lil ones. I made these as part of M's Eid Gift This will help kids with their creative thinking as well as develop turn taking and sharing ability. The original idea came from a very cute blog I visited quite a while ago (don't remember the name but they were hand painted and far cuter) But after much dragging the project I finally decided to do it my way :)
For these I got
  • wooden blocks from a thrift store
  • a cute book ( in some foreign language... that sure made it easy to cut )

Then sand the blocks smooth,cut images to fit the side and glue and you are good to play or gift wrap them

To play !!

You need two or more participants. The first one rolls the block and starts a story with the picture that comes on top, then the next one rolls it again and adds a sentence or two using the picture that comes on top. and so on.

Baba, and I had to play the game in front of M for the first few times to give her the Idea. Next she started rolled the dice for me and baba. And eventually after a few games she was totally into it. Now she makes stories better than ours :) I feel writing them down sometimes

Why I love this game !!!
Because each time you come up with a different story and the creativity of the simple block never ends
Try rolling two blocks together and try to come up with a sentence that has both the things in it.


AMC Design Studio said...

This is a cute idea! I saw it featured on One Pretty Thing and decided to check it out because I need ideas for my children's ministry class, which is ages 5-7.
I am also interested in learning more about Montessori, since recently reading a book called, Talkers, Watchers, and Doers: Unlocking Your Child's Unique Learning Style, by Cheri Fuller. I enjoyed it very much.

LuĂ­sa said...

I like it very much... I'm going to try it with my kids.

. said...

This is a very cool, imaginative idea.My kids are all pretty much grown up, but I work with kids, so...
I might steal this idea!

Peterson Party said...

What a great idea! Seems like a great way to use those books that have torn or missing pages.