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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Toys She Likes Best

are pencils, markers, paints, brushes and a surface to paint and draw on of course, blocks, empty boxes, letters from old scrabbles (that my mom gave her),books ,babushka dolls infact all kinds of dolls, puzzles and ya her most favorite of all "a jambulon rectangle frame".
Irfan saw it in college junk yard and brought home thinking I might be able to use it for model making, little he knew it would become his daughters all time fav. It is her beach , it is her gate its her home and its her window a road for her cars and what not.
You need to see it hehehe its a funny pink frame with an 11 X 8 inches cut out from the center Ya our design major teacher Sir Ghanni was more than right when he said that kids prefer the boxes over expensive toys. Ever wonder why?
yup because their simplicity makes them versatile... just let a child look at it and it could be anything!!!

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