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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

....And Again We Are Ready For A Fresh Start....

of course i am talking about potty training what else ... hahaha
but this time the hopes are very high as M decided herself that she doesn't want to wear her diapers any more ( even the extra large size gets too tight)
The reward chart is really working and lot of credit also goes to "Learning to potty with Pee Wee Potamus" its about a little girl Kidzie who wants to grow up... though M still prefers to be a BAiBEE she still like her potty pals
and though we had a few accidents ... still our hopes are very very high this time :)
fingers crossed 0x0x0x0x
Will sure put up a pic of our potty chart as soon as I get my camera fixed.M gets to color a box and put a sticker of her choice in the box whenever she manages to do it in the "cAmmot". Otherwise mom just wrights the time and date in the box, it sure is turning out great!!

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maegan said...

Hi there.

I just wanted to leave a comment on your page because i'm happy to know people are still using this product.

My mom (Samantha) and I wrote the book when I was a kid and came up with the whole Pee Wee Potamus thing. She hasn't had that business for many years but we still have so many kits. I keep trying to talk her into starting back up again.

Anyways, I'd love to hear more about how its going for you. I'm pulling all the kits out of storage and starting to put them up on amazon and see how it goes for a start.

all the best!

Maegan Bell