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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Learning About The Surface??

well that's what your baba thinks you are doing when you Draw on our "not so new" wooden sofa with a chalk in the lounge this afternoon...(alas don't have the camera wanted to show this art of yours to you one day.)
Those were the funny few minuets that I sure want to tell you about. When your baba with an amused expression asked me quietly to look at what you are doing for a a split second I was like what the HELL... "sofa too gaya" and what's next!! You never draw on walls or furniture and it seemed to me like a beginning of a habit i always dreaded and he wanted me to stop you. But as soon as I opened my mouth he was like " kya krr rahi ho cant you see she is learning about the SURFACE" shhhhh (aaH the artist!!)
And you know what ? for a moment the artist Mom in me skipped a beat that Oh I was about to keep you from such a "healthy " activity but thank God my logical/ not so arty/ tiered from keeping the house tidy/sick of your toys everywhere, side of mom took over... other wise you were planing to learn about your tables surface next ...hahaha no I didn't beat you or something just gave you a black sheet to draw on. And I assured my self that I might have stopped you from learning about more surfaces in our home with chalk there are plenty other ways you can learn about them.
Hmm now I have to think about those ways...................

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