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Monday, June 8, 2009

Free Play / Planned Work

I don't know how many time do I repeat my self but I cant stop wondering how creative the kids could be when left to play on their own and oh the self debate it triggers..... "weather its good or bad to stop them or /and steer them towards the planed activity when they want to use the Montessori material in a different way; other than what they were initially intended to....."

Yesterday while beading these tiny miny beads M started making geometric shapes with them. First of all she surprised me with a diamond shape that she made with 4 beads (I never made any shapes with such stuff ....and a diamond certainly "NOT". Then came circle by adding some more (damn don't have camera all the time....) When I came back with the camera a few min later she was working on this one... any guesses what it is going to be....

Yo its a "tYiangul"that looks like a house :)

any suggestions on the above issue???

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