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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More on Art/Drawing

I don't know if its the next milestone or what but Now a days instead of drawing her complete focus is on COLORING. some time ago she used to ask one of us to draw something saying "wancho buttafly" "wancha cat" etc and then make one of her own Now when its drawn all she wants is to grab a crayon and Color color color. I love the efforts she puts to control her hand movement so that the color doesn't go beyond the lines .....though it still does :)

next one is one of her earliest attempts I colored the bird in this one to show her how but I Love what she did with the Dog

and very rarely we get this from her these days. Just check out that to make a "O face" smile she made another face in her mouth that's smiling . It sure is a long way from this to this and now the coloring

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