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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pencil and Crayon Holders

Finished these cuties for my cutie and a friend's a couple of weeks ago. They are high on Montessori philosophy as it has a Velcro fastening the kids as young as mine (I believe even younger) can put their pencils and crayons back with ease then roll them up and fasten with the Velcro fastening.
These are supper easy to make and a sure are a good start for your lil ones even if that are not so little any more these are also fun for kids who are ready to try there hand on sewing as it has a lot of straight lines and top stitches.

Here is the tutorial..... the first one on my blog.

To make one roll all you need
  • Two 1/4 yard pcs of fabrics (matching or contrast)
  • Matching Velcro
  • 1/4 yard foam lining (or you can also uses two pcs of fabrics)
  • Matching threads
  • A Large button
Cut the fabrics and the lining as shown in the pic 15 1/2" x 11".The measurements are with 1/4 seam allowances all around . The measurements are for the standard set of 12 pencils each 7" long.
Now on mark a 3 1/4" line the outer fabric from the bottom edge , this will fold and make your pocket later on.
Fold the matching strip of fabric on both sides 1/4" as shown in pic.
Set Velcro (the soft/loop piece) in the middle of this using common pins.Then in the center of the upper portion stitch in your Velcro.Here I have used a length of Matching fabric to decorate (as in the one with yellow button) but you can skip it and use Velcro directly as

Then place the Inner fabric right side up on the lining and then your outer fabric right side down, put in some common pins if you like then sew all around (for a beginner mark stitching line 1/4" from the edges). Leaving a small opening on one side to turn it inside out.

Turn and Press. Top stitch the side with opening. Now fold in on the red line (marked earlier) to make the pocket. use pins if required, top stitch all around.
On the inner side mark and draw lines with tailors chalk starting from your left hand edge , first one 1/2 " the thirteen lines all 1" apart that will leave 1 & 1/2" on the other end
Sew on these lines using top stitch closing the last larger opening. This will create 13 small pockets I have added one for a lead pencil

(please note that the picture bellow only has 1/2 " left on right end).

Now set a 1 to 1/2" piece of Velcro (Hook Side) above the closed pocket , right up on the outer velcro and stitch, repeating the stitch on short edge for more security . here's a close up.

To finish up hand sew a large contrast button on the outer left edge (yeah right up on the velcro)
That's how your end product will look like

These are my finished pieces .

  • The size can be varied measuring the pencils or crayons that you wish to place in it for instances for M's chubby 4 &1/2" long crayons I used 15&1/2" x 5&1/2" (for twelve colors)
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I value and appreciate constructive feedback. So please let me know if any part of this is confusing, misleading, etc. and I will do my best to make improvements.


grammarinda said...

I love this little project! These would be perfect little no reason gifts for my grandchildren. Thank you! Rinda

SkylarKD said...

Thanks for the tutorial, I've been wanting to make one of these for my daughter!