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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Day Celebrations

Well Now that the Earth Day is just around the corner, here is what we plan to do for this week...Yeah It would be the whole GREEN week

1. Read "From Acorn to Oak Tree " by Jan Kottke, the whole life cycle of a tree is written in simple and accurate way and any other books on Earth that we find .
2. Plant some seeds on our own and watch them grow with time.
3. Make a bird feeder
4. Make a recycled collage
5. Introduce the World Map to M, there are a lot of fun ways (I love this and this the best) .
6. Make our very own world puzzle.
7. Have a Green Day (that would actually be the 22nd April )
8. Make a lot of Bugs (M is seeing bugs everywhere these days)

visit us again to see us in action :)


SkylarKD said...

Great activities!
You might like the "Life Cycle of an Apple" game on Montessori for Everyone. It kind of fits with your oak tree book - except that it's an apple tree instead of an oak tree, obviously! :)

Qudsya said...

Wow thanks alot we love it !!! its so so cute and I also like it because its different (from oak ) it would even support the idea that all plants grow like this and not just Oak.
Thanks again for this great link :)