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Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Helpful Girl

Daughters sure are a blessing  knowing that mommy is not well Miral did the dishes today! yup without me asking for any help ( well I only asked to wind up and clean her brushes after she's done with her art work) and when I went into the kitchen that's what I found...( yup I ran to bring the camera hahaha cazy me) whats more she even dried them and put them away !!!! (on the dining table) that sure is a lovely surprise knowing how much "princessa" she is 

well I forgot to tell her that she was being PROACTIVE !!! will sure mention her thattoday when i pick her up from school, isn't that whats called positive attention?lols

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Irfan Gul said...

What more can one ask from a child of this age ! May Allah bless her with what is best for her. Ameen