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Monday, September 23, 2013

Lunch Notes-- some new supplies

Some new supplies for lunch notes!!
I love sending small notes with M's lunch each day and she loves receiving them. I started this small routine when she was in pre-nursery when her teacher ( I am so grateful to her for this ) used to read these to her and then in nursery when she just started reading sight words and 3 letter words to encourage her to read. Those were small notes from home that kept us connected ( have you ever read the kissing hand?) and also that was a way to tell her that reading is not just for school and academic success .... I wanted to instill in her the love of reading in general. So in the beginning it was just a "love you" and "be happy" But by the time she moved to KG I really had to think up the "thinks" that I wanted to wright and she was well into the reading habit. It was difficult to come up with something interesting each morning with all the rush to reach school and offices in time ( i usually wrote them on the way to school) and By the final term of KG ( that's last year) the notes become almost extinct as more than often I had to write them after dropping her ( now my turn to drive) then the aya baji had to run after her to put it in her bag. so eventually they stopped.
To my surprise with the beginning of class 1 Miral asked me to start sending her notes back and said she missed them last year and want 1 every day :D
Now its been almost a month since school started and she gets I every day but this time I promised myself not to repeat the same mistake again. I prepared the whole bunch just before the school started ( they were almost 50) I even managed to put some decorations. Yup really had to foresee what I wanted to talk about!
And now before I run out of them again I got these lovely supplies, I loved my new craft punches and cartoon tape-- cant wait to start making some more note cards!!!

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