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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grass Bouquet

Yesterday I got this Grass bouquet.... bacause we didn't have any blossoms in our garden!!
Yes I don't remember a day since her school days started that I did not receive a gift from My Lovely Baby. Every day I get a gift usually on our way back from school or when I drop her at Nano's sometimes its just a rock from the sidewalk, a feather under a tree, a fallen/ dead blossom or a rock she picked up from the road and sometimes its just a grass bouquet . But these are the best gifts I've ever received because my baby always choose me to have these precious gifts. She never fails to tell me she loves me the most , always and no matter what!!
And as it started becoming a routine something happened that make me realize the Importance/ significance of these small treasures
While giving me an almost dead rose Miral told me that "her favorite teacher was somehow sad today" when I asked her why? she said because she asked for my blossom But how could I give it to her? the other kids gave her their flowers but
mine was just for my mommy!
My only wish is that May I never overlook these small gestures or Fail to show my gratitude & appreciation for her little acts of kindness and love!
Sorry teacher Nothing beats the first LOVE!!!

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Irfan Gul said...

She loves you more than any thing else in the world. And I can see her turning as beautiful a person as you are. Love you both.