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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nugget Noodle Doll

Here Is our very first one!! Daan-da-daan (Note: I edited the background to make it more clear)
The empty fun nugget pack in waste bin, half Kg boneless chicken in fridge and an urge to make something fun for M' dinner were the reasons behind this cutie... and it was appreciated to the point of satisfaction :)
Search the recipe and found one on it is supper easy,
all you need is

chicken boneless ( half kg makes about 14 of this size)

salt and pepper
all purpose flour
bread crumbs
and an Egg (beaten)

Blend in the boneless chicken some salt and Black pepper (I used 1/2 tsp of salt and 1 tsp pepper) in a blender /food processor, give shape (don't try too hard at this stage, just determine the thickness), dip in flour, then egg and finally in crumbs.
Now is the time to shape your nuggets, I had nothing particular at this stage so thought to go for basic shapes as it was my first tryIt was only after frying the first one I started with a round one to make a face. Then thought of the rest, the picture tells it all so think no need to describe much. I make dolls with triangular bodies when M asks me to make a girl it looks like a dress, next time for boy I am planing to use the square one.

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