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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Open and Close

This morning i introduced "open and close activity" to M . She already knows how to open and close simple stuff; that just needs pulling and pushing back, so i also included a few screw tops as well...though I fear this will make it difficult to deceive M in future ... (when she wants to open something and we want otherwise we pretend that we are pulling real hard and still its not opening) but that has to end eventually. and those screw tops were the ones she was more interested in.
Another thing that i introduced with this is the concept of proper "activity mat" I should have introduced it a long time back but to tell you the truth I was not sure how does it work or why was it so important.
First of all it helped giving a structure to the activity, it was much more focused and there was a definitely neat ending giving both of us opportunity to put things back so i guess it will reinforce the concept of tidying up once done * fingers crossed*And then there was this opportunity to pretend :) Here she is putting roll on deo and in the next one the essence bottle is her nail polish

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