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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Book Rack and Toy Corner

Well I am not much of an organiser my self and doesn't want to pass my bad habits to her M so I guess its high time we get organised and also start her early on it. So the first thing first have to put all my stuff back to there original places after use and the comes M's turn ...but where is the proper place to put her stuff !!!! the answer is "M's corner"we already had this great toy box that holds most of her toys and also serves as a vehicle and a home and God knows what in her pretend play
but her books and other stuffed toys still needed a place of their own. So here comes our nice and simple book/toy rack. It is a simple chip board box which still needs finishing, it is screwed on the wall right beside our computer table in lunge at a height convenient for m so she can pick books and puzzles whenever she wants to and has a proper place to put them back herself .... ( she still needs a lot of practice on the second one)now our toy box has an additional purpose its also a stool now
i am planing to rotate the books and other activities as our collection grows

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