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Friday, October 18, 2013

3D puzzles

3D puzzle A must have if you have kids between 5-9! It is the best thing I've ever bought from street venders.
I am soo very happy that I made these part of their Eid gifts, these came with a picture of assembled  model and there were easy markings on all the joints. M figured out and made her's all on her own(exept for the pink roof- the walls that it was supposed to be attached to were not bending the way they meant to. Once fixed she made it 3 times in  2 days and now she remembers it by heart and still not bored (told me to pack it away so she can do it after a while when she doesn't remember what goes where) shefu just punched out pieces from hers and played with them the way she liked. Here shefu the shokhi is happily posing with Apa's hard work. didn't tell her  but I've got 2 more for her ;)

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