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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Interview

I thought it would be a good idea to interview M as part our father's day activities but was not sure about her response .It was like pulling teeth when I tried this with her last time she was simply NOT interested .But time it was fun and she really enjoyed, actually asking for more questions. I am planning to do that every year I think it will be fun to see how her answers change as she grows.
I am also planning to do an interview about me too, so If you can think of anymore questions, I'd love to ask her more.

I really love it when my baba...... loves me

My baba likes to wear....... shirts and pants and boots
My baba is..... a man
My baba always tells me...... stories and to do house chores
The best thing he does is....plays with me, hugs me, gives me permission to sleep over at nano's
It makes him happy..... when i do nice things
My baba loves to relax by......playing with his cube gift (rubix cube)
I like it when he......plays with me
The best thing he makes is..... chai broti (bread with tea)
My baba's fav. house hold chore...... cleaning things with his daughter
My baba likes to buy.....bread, eggs, garlic
The best thing he cooks is.... vegetables, when i want to play with mommy
Baba watches on TV.....shows, khabrain, animal planet
With my baba I want to go.... shopping
My fav. activity with baba is.... drawing and painting
My baba's fav. song..... I love you , you love me ( barney)
If he could go on a trip he would go to...... hyderabad
I want to tell him..... stories and secrets
I love my baba because.... he loves me
He loves me because...... I am a good kid
How do you know he loves you....I dont know he just loves me
My baba and I are same..... because..... i dont know
My baba and I are different..... because i have hair and he doesn't

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