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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ribbon Weaving

M and I spend this entire evening weaving ribbons. As some of you might know my true motivation these days is to keep her mind off of the computer games :) but his activity offered us a lot more, including perfect exercise for her tiny fingers; to fine tune her ever growing fine motor skills, concentration, hand eye coordination etc etc but wt could be better than the sence of accomplishment that she had in the end.
I showed her how to weave ribbon through the bars, initially I used fridge rack for obvious reasons and she was so interested that we had to weave through something else too!!!
This basket originally contained some toiletries when M was little but long since used as her flower basket, pencil holder, toy container and what not!!! and now its all decorated to keep her Eid Cards that she is so devotedly making for all her friends and family :)

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